tl;dr AMS Executive Platforms in a Nutshell

A ridiculous number of candidates are using verbose and confusing paragraphs to express what should be simple ideas. I compiled all the campaign platforms and limited them to a few sentences. Candidates may submit requests for change by emailing [email protected] Vague platform goals are italicized. President Julian Del Balso: Source: Ubyssey Fall reading break Build … [Read more…]

The AUS decided to make a website. This was the outcome.

With contributions by neilrp. The Arts Undergraduate Society has received a lot of flack for it’s financial decisions in the 2016-2017 school year. The criticism against the AUS can be questionable at times, sometimes  unfair.  In addition, I will say that the Arts Undergraduate Society has a roster of generally awesome AMS representatives, with the … [Read more…]