Clarification: AUS spending on their new website

​As a follow-up to “The AUS decided to make a website. This was the outcome“, the AUS recently released an updated budget, in which $685.94 was listed under Website management. I reached out to the AUS for clarification on the matter, and I think that credit should be given when due.
I’m posting an email from the VP Finance of the Arts Undergraduate Society after asking how the $685.94 was spent. Nowhere near $2000 was spent on the website, nor is the budget wholly representative of where the funds went.
Hi William,
Thanks for the comment, I have spent a lot of time this year trying to clear up the finances and create clarity for the student body, and myself.
The column under website management includes the new AUS website, in addition to the website that was created for Startup, a Adobe subscription (primarily for Photoshop for our graphics team), and other misc items related to website content. The creation of the website ( was just slightly over $200.
As the Communications portfolio is new to our team this year, there’s been no precedent for which line items go where. I will be able to provide a better description of all those categories at the end of the fiscal year in April when I see what we spent money on via this portfolio and whether the categories we created are a good fit.
Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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