The AUS decided to make a website. This was the outcome.

With contributions by neilrp.

The Arts Undergraduate Society has received a lot of flack for it’s financial decisions in the 2016-2017 school year. The criticism against the AUS can be questionable at times, sometimes  unfair.  In addition, I will say that the Arts Undergraduate Society has a roster of generally awesome AMS representatives, with the exception of two individuals, that have demonstrated that they can usually be trusted to act in the interest of Arts students.

However, I recently took a gander at the AUS’s new website. And it sucks.  

When the AUS retreat/stARTup debacle came about, the budget released at the time (2016) indicated that $2000 was to be allocated towards Website management. Admittedly, we don’t entirely know how much was actually spent on this awful website, and deferring to self-design might’ve actually saved Arts students several hundred dollars. Maybe this was a positive move for Arts students, however, I’m not sure if it compensates for how bad the website is.

EDIT: $685.94 went towards website management as of February 2017. Approximately $200 went into the Wix website itself. See clarification here.

AUS VP Communication’s budget for promotion and advertising.


In fact, the AUS probably would’ve been better off with $5/year hosting, a free WordPress theme and about a day’s worth of content generation. And financially better off too. Was there seriously no one who suggested this?

I will now list out all the problems with it:

  • Upon visiting the website, you’re greeted with a looping soundtrack of hipster dot music. You have no way of turning this off on the website itself. Granted, I will say that the background music is actually pretty good, contrary to popular opinion here.
  • It looks like it was crafted by an eleven year old, but then again:
  • It’s clearly a Wix website. Wix is adopted as a web platform by people who have no idea how to design, and need to churn out a shitty design on short notice.

  • What is going on with that frame?
  • The ugliest section-by-section transitions ever.

The technical problems.

  • It’s 8.5 MB in size, cluttered in awful JavaScript.
  • It takes 4.55 seconds to load. This is a big no-no.
  • 272 requests?


  • 9 Tracking Elements

  • 20 Cookies?
  • No HTTPS

Maybe we shouldn’t actually criticize the AUS here, we should take pity. They’ve been subjected to the woes of, which is as far as I’m concerned, is one of the worst companies to ever exist on the web, and if they’ve resorted to, they probably ran out of all other options.

Let’s try to remedy this situation: If any web designers are reading this, looking for something to add to their portfolio, I’m sure the AUS would be more than willing to take on volunteers.  Heck, I’ll even offer the AUS free web hosting on my private servers if they want it, and ends up leaving Wix with a little less at the end of the month.

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