tl;dr AMS Executive Platforms in a Nutshell

A ridiculous number of candidates are using verbose and confusing paragraphs to express what should be simple ideas. I compiled all the campaign platforms and limited them to a few sentences. Candidates may submit requests for change by emailing [email protected]

Vague platform goals are italicized.


Julian Del Balso:

Source: Ubyssey

  • Fall reading break
  • Build a slide from the Nest to the fountain
  • Start a student strike

The Cairn:

Editor’s note: The fact that the Cairn hasn’t said anything makes it the most honest candidate throughout the whole elections.

  • No data

James Cohen:

Source: Facebook Event

  • Improve mental health by implementing wellness initiatives
  • Increase turnout at AMS Events in order to connect students with the AMS
  • Make the BoG take the student body seriously

Sugar Brewer:

Source: Ubyssey

  • Be a neutral force as president

Jesse Hooton:

Source: Facebook Event

Editor’s Note: Hooton’s platform wasn’t actually verbose.

  • Build better career opportunities
  • Increase campus security
  • Expand student engagement with student athletics

VP Administration:

Pooja Bhatti:

Source: Facebook Event

  • Promote clubs using AMS Social Media accounts
  • Restructure the relationship between the AMS and constituency organization (e.g. Undergrad societies)
  • Implement a standardized booking system for the AMS Nest
  • Updating the Student Life & Sustainability Centre
  • Increase the number of students participating in AMS Event planning

Julien Hart:

Source: Facebook Event

Editor’s Note: Very straightforward platform, and not at all verbose.

  • Standardize bookings in the AMS Nest
  • Creating new policy about new software changes (e.g. Treehouse replacement)
  • Improve the club handbook

Faraz Nikzad

Source: Facebook Event

  • Consult with clubs and constituencies on their concerns
  • Introduce artistic/cultural projects to encourage collaboration between clubs and increase campus diversity
  • Create sustainable business plans for AMS businesses (to ensure consistency in customer service, whatever that means?)

VP Academic

Daniel Lam:

Source: Facebook Event

  • Affordable education strategies
  • Promote open educational resources/open textbooks
  • Initiatives that will benefit Aboriginal students on-campus
  • Better your social life and student experience

VP External

Dario Garousian:

Editor’s Note: He’s clearly over-promising here.

Source: Website

Lobbying positions as follows:

  • Reintroduce the 99 Special Bus (no stops between UBC & Commercial) – (Translink)
  • Loan money to UBC to build more on-campus housing (BC Gov/UBC BoG)
  • Invest in student mental health programs (Fed Gov)
  • Increase funding for Open Educational Resources (BC Gov)
  • Increase investment in paid internships and co-ops (Fed Gov)
  • Bring Uber/Lyft/ridesharing to campus (BC)

Sally Lin:

Source: Facebook Event

Lobbying positions as follows:

  • Convince the federal government to implement global price parity for Textbooks in legislation, and allow the import of books overseas (Federal Gov)
  • Fund more on-campus housing (BC Gov)
  • Make on-campus housing cheaper (UBC/BC Gov)
  • Advocate for a smooth transition between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Broadway corridor development (Translink)

VP Finance

Alim Lakhiyalov:

Source: Facebook Event

  • Create a sustainable financial plan for the AMS
  • Create professional development programs for students
  • Make AMS Businesses profitable (actually it was a statement about making businesses operate better on four principles but that’s what it was getting at)




  1. Stuart Isherwood

    Make sure you check out candidate’s websites!! Their campaign promises are much more specified and clear than on their facebook event pages because there trying to keep it somewhat short and skimmable, therefore i feel like the “Vague platform goals are italicized.” is kind of misleading.

    • William Chen

      I don’t think it’s misleading whatsoever. Vague platform goals are defined vague when they lack tangible goals or actionables, but simply act as broad statements of what they hope to accomplish.

      If candidates have a problem with it, they can get in touch with me and define their tangible goals instead of beating around the bush with promises of change but no explicit thing to change.

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