tl;dr SUS Candidate Platforms in a Nutshell

As with the AMS elections, candidates have a tendency to be overly verbose in communicating their platform goals. Candidates should be providing a mix of a simplified platform and a longer, more detailed platform instead of condensing it all into one. Long platforms aren’t a bad thing, since oftentimes these verbose platforms outline policy objectives, but it often just creates significant voter apathy.

I’ll be compiling all the platforms in short points, and I encourage people who are interested in knowing more about these platform points to go straight to the source. I’ll also be italicizing vague platform points, vague being defined as having no tangible goals or a clear way of achieving these policy goals.

I’ve also cut out some internal things other than transparency, that have zero relevance to science students, like implementing internal communications platforms (Slack, etc).

We’ll be publishing our endorsements soon.

Vague = Italicized
Common Promises = Underlined


Katie Gourlay
  • Develop a 360 degree feedback system, whereby student leaders in the SUS receive feedback from people working below, with and in a superior position to them
  • Provide workshops for execs to foster financial accountability and literacy
  • Consider building a part-time merchandise shop at Abdul Ladha
  • Develop a long term plan for Abdul Ladha renovations & upgrades
  • Student Engagement:
    • Establish regular programming at Abdul Ladha
  • Continue: Strategic Transition Plan
  • Professional Development: Provide more Science case competitions, Expand Sci-Fair, Increase career opportunities
  • Advertising (Clubs): Create a new section in the Distillation for advertising, Increase access to SUS Social Media
  • Feedback (Clubs): Increase feedback opportunities

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Akhil Krishnan
  • Form an oversight committee over the SUS/ Improve Financial Transparency
  • Publish a condensed budget that is easy to understand
  • Increase access to alternative learning resources with VP Academic
  • Renovate Abdul Lahda Building
    • Soundproof meeting rooms
  • Student Engagement:
    • Organize social events for lower year students (e.g games night) and wellness events for all
    • Increase “Science Pride”
  • Feedback (General): Facilitate feedback through monthly meetings attended by those who apply and online surveys
  • Professional Development: Organize more career-related events for upper year students

Source: Facebook Event

Antony Tsui

Editor’s Note: His platform contains double the number of promises that other presidents are carrying forward. He’s clearly over promising. We couldn’t even be bothered to fit everything in here and we’ve had to cut several internal promises out of this.

  • Strengthen AMS-SUS relationship
  • Foster inter-constituency relationships (e.g. AUS, EUS)
  • Invite more department club reps to event planning committees
  • Increase funding and resources for department clubs
  • Re-design relationship with university administration
    • Read more on his website.
  • Integrate UBC Recreation and Thunderbirds into SUS Sports committee
  • Revise the strategic plan to draw parallels with UBC and the AMS
  • Introduce a Board of Directors for the SUS
  • Ensure Fiscal Prudence
  • Hire a speaker of SUS Council (to maintain impartiality/prevent president bias)
  • Organize more appreciation events for volunteers
  • Clarify and standardize SUS hiring practices, and enforce policies on execs
  • Carry out an “Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre Improvement Project”
    • Editor’s Note: This appears to be a very obtuse and verbose way of saying let’s renovate Ladha
  • Student Engagement:
    • Create an advisory committee of Science students
    • Expand the number of SUS awards and grants
    • Replace Fall Elections with department SUS representative elections in Spring
  • Professional Development: Organize workshops, networking galas and career panels/conferences
  • Feedback (General): Perform a student services review to determine effectiveness of current services, and what is missing

Source: Facebook Event, Website

VP External

Cathy Jiang

Editor’s Note: Wasn’t actually verbose, and pretty concise. Thanks Cathy.

  • Provide lower cost educational resource alternatives to students (e.g. textbooks, etc)
    • Start a buy/sell event where science students can swap and sell their textbooks at Ladha
  • Arrange for discounts for science students
    • Work with local businesses to give discounts for being a UBC Science student
  • Focus on alumni engagement and public relations initiatives
    • Editor’s note: “Public relations initiatives”
  • Professional Development: Organize more career-related events (e.g. networking events, research)

Source: Facebook Event

Iman Moradi
  • He posted a long explanation of what the role is about, and has yet to publish a platform. We’ll update this later when he develops his platform.

Source: Facebook Event

VP Internal

Alice Huang
  • Reduce SUS retreat cost (technically it was re-evaluate the SUS retreat budget)
  • Implement a deposit system for Councillors
  • Student Engagement:
    • Celebrate SUS people who exceed expectations with shout-outs
    • Attempt to increase voter turnout for program representative elections
    • Create a first-year ambassadors program, that would help bridge the first year community to the SUS
  • Feedback (Clubs): Communicate more with clubs

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Oliver Jung
  • Reduce SUS retreat cost
  • Form an HR Volunteer committee, aka a pool of volunteers to call upon whenever
  • Enforce a mandatory transition report for outgoing SUS execs
  • Provide Health and Wellness Initatives
  • Student Engagement:
    • Recruit 1st year Ambassadors within the First-Year Committee
    • Create mentorship and support initiatives for first years
  • Advertising (General): Reintroduce a SUS newsletter by email for all Science students

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Julia Wu
  • Reduce SUS retreat costs
  • Form a Human Resources committee, no specified purpose
  • Do more appreciation events for SUS volunteers
  • Student Engagement:
    • Implement a mentorship program for first-years
    • Organize more workshops for Science students and training workshops for SUS Volunteers
    • Inform department clubs about the Fall elections to increase 2017 Fall SUS Elections turnout
  • Feedback (Volunteers): Conduct Feedback Surveys for SUS Volunteers

Source: Facebook Event, Website

VP Administration

Nick Pang
  • Remove limits on a maximum number of members within a committee, to allow for greater participation within SUS politics
  • Revise the SUS Code to be updated, less-out of date/obsolete (e.g. removing old positions that don’t exist from code)
  • Focus on maintenance/upkeep of Ladha instead of upgrades (as in, cleaning washrooms, reduce noise in the silent study area)
  • Institute a policy that event organizers who use the Ladha space, clean up after themselves and report building problems
  • Student Engagement:
    • Create a more effective liaising strategy with department clubs (that’s a fancy way of saying: better communicate with clubs)

Brownie points for writing out the last part of his Facebook event as an actual resume, I guess?

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Michelle Tse
  • Open a maintenance reporting form on the SUS website for people to report issues with Ladha
  • Create new opportunities for club collaboration, and workshops for training club execs
  • Update 1st and 3rd floor space of Ladha into quiet discussion areas
  • Increase responsibilities of building supervisors to ensure a cleanly space
  • Update students by Labrat on code changes and how it affects them after council meetings
  • Update SUS code to meet the needs of science students
  • Advertising (Clubs): Advertise club events through Labrat instead of a newsletter

Source: Facebook Event, Website

VP Finance

Ryan Lou
  • Full implementation of electronic payment methods across all events.
  • Obtaining more Square readers from the AMS so different events and sales can use them at the same time
  • Improve transparency by further itemizing the budget and explaining potentially questionable items.
  • Will update and publish the budget as large expenditures occur rather than the current twice-annual basis.
  • Make grant eligibility and requirements clear and communicated well at Clubs Orientation meetings.
  • Remind grant applicants 2 weeks before deadlines via social media
  • Create an electronic form for quicker reimbursements

Source: Facebook Event

VP Communications

Jacob Ng
  • Reduce wait times for marketing requests by establishing a queuing system
  • Offer new and affordable “UBC Science” merchandise (e.g. hoodies)
  • Student Engagement:
    • Increase use of email marketing
    • Increase awareness of SUS professional development & mental health/wellness events
    • Focus SUS first week towards involvement within SUS and awareness of SUS mission
    • Rebrand “UBC Science” for the UBC Science community
  • Advertising (Clubs): Create a new service for advertising clubs & club events
  • Feedback (General): Use feedback to tailor marketing & communications
  • Continue: Maintain current public health initiatives (e.g. blood drives, flu shots, donations)

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Miguel Oreta
  • Merge social media accounts to reduce spam
  • Work with VP Admin & Finance to release council minutes, meeting minutes and a simplified budget
  • Establish a permanent shop for UBC Science Merchandise
  • Purchase UBC Science merchandise (e.g. hoodies) in bulk
  • Professionalism and etiquette guidelines for SUS volunteers/execs
  • Student Engagement:
    • “Online office hours”
    • Update SUS calendar to include events of interest to science students
    • Expand the SUS website with relevant information for students (e.g. club exec hirings)
    • Introduce first-year students to relevant campus resources during first week
    • Convince UBC Orientations and SUS clubs to redirect people to the Science faculty fair
  • Advertising (Clubs): Use SUS social media & media outlets to advertise club events
  • Advertising (General): Reintroduce a SUS newsletter by email for all Science students
  • Professional Development: Connect students with long-term volunteering opportunities
  • Continue: Charitable Events

Source: Facebook Event, Website

VP Academic

Jennifer Cheng
  • Organize events between students & faculty
  • Organize more academically oriented events
  • Organize more collaborative club events
  • Increase mental health awareness
    • Organize more mental health wellness and awareness events

Source: Facebook Event, Website

VP Student Life

Gurshabad Singhera
  • Diversifying events to cater to students with broad interests
  • Work on UBC initiatives that focus on inter-faculty collaboration (e.g. SUS x AUS)
  • Be open to collaboration from other clubs and constituencies during major SUS events
  • Student Engagement:
    • Obtain more equipment for use on the plaza (e.g. Volleyballs, Basketballs)
    • Hosting more sporting and recreational events (e.g. Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball)
    • Organize more events that promote talents (e.g. singing, dance performances)
  • Feedback (General): Conduct surveys and focus groups to determine future events

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Avery Zacarias
  • Collaborate with clubs to host collaborative events
  • Release free “exam care packages” (in collaboration with VP Academic)
    • We have no idea what these are.
  • Release more UBC Science merchandise
  • “Increase Student Hype and Pride for their faculty”
  • “Give more free merch at science events”
  • Student Engagement:
    • Host more events that are not 19+
    • Hosting more sporting and recreational events (e.g. Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball)
    • Organize more events that promote talents (e.g. singing, drama)
    • Promote volunteer participation within the SUS
  • Continue: Volunteer Appreciation Dinners
  • Feedback (General): Conduct a survey to determine event interests, work with VP Communications for constant feedback

Source: Facebook Event, Website

Science Student Senator

Sarah Park
  • Change SUS code to update Student Senator job description
  • Determine a SUS budget for Student Senators for Student Engagement/events/awards
  • Promote awards (e.g. scholarships) earlier in term 2 to increase applicant count
  • Host an event for all the recognized student leaders to get to know each other
  • Advocate for consistent syllabi across course sections
  • Comprehensive Learning Record
    • Editor’s note: I’ve debated whether this is a common promise, largely because real progress is being made on it by great people.
  • Offer more training to SUS members
  • Student Engagement:
    • Live-tweet/Snapchat Senate proceedings
    • Conduct events that connect science students to Senate (e.g. Swim n’ Senate)
    • Keep SUS Councillors/Execs informed about Senate
    • Use platforms run by the SUS to update students on Senate proceedings and awards
    • Email professors & department heads to share Senate information and student recognition awards with students
    • Feature science student leaders on SUS platforms
  • Feedback (General): Get student feedback on senate proceedings,
  • Continue: Ubyssey column on Senate proceedings/Summarizing Senate Agendas
    • Editor’s Note: Ian Sapollnik, who wrote the Senate Decoded, was re-elected as a senator-at-large. We’re not sure what kind of role Sarah would play.
  • Common Promises:
    • Fall reading break
    • Mental Health
    • Long course withdrawal
    • More lenient add/drop deadlines
    • Exam Scheduling
    • Greater Academic Concessions
    • Make syllabi available at time of registration
  • Support:
    • Making past course materials available (Kevin Doering)

Source: Website

Samantha So
  • Establish an Ad-hoc committee on Diversity, which will develop a Senate diversity framework
  • Ensuring tuition and curriculum consultations inform one another for fairer tuition and fees
  • Ensure a timely progress to ongoing projects (e.g. Fall Reading Break), by sitting on Academic Policy committee
  • Sitting on the Senate Curriculum committee, and collaborating with Faculty of Science curriculum committee
  • Student Engagement: Keep SUS Council and students up to date about Senate proceedings

Source: Facebook Event

Hannah Xiao
  • Mental health at the course level
  • Keep a blog about Senate proceedings
    • Editor’s note: Nearly every elected representative who has promised to keep a blog about proceedings for student/university politics has failed to fulfill this promise.
  • Earlier release of exam schedules
  • Implement a system to incentivize professors to develop open educational resources
  • Common promises:
    • Access to syllabi at time of registration
    • Fall Reading Break
    • Student Engagement
    • Mental Health
    • Open Educational Resources

Source: Facebook Event

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